The Sky Waits for You

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Human beings have a complexity that makes them so beautiful and interesting to observe. The way the mind travels, almost of its own accord. How it responds to the world around it. How it builds a world within.

There are times though that we are tempted to withdraw. To admire this beauty and intricacy, and the products of it, only from a distance. Behind the glass where it cannot quite touch us. To not get mangled in the contradictions and the confusion and the madness.

But to do so is to be removed from the source. The core experience that calls art into existence and bestows upon it meaning. From the thrill that is being alive and being flawed and being moved enough by our time here in some way to feel the need to catalogue it. To share something of it with others. In connection, in memoriam of this finite thing we are all here for, just this once.



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Jars of Fireflies

Jars of Fireflies


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